Nature Reconnection - Learn Primitive Skills

This is great class to get outside and reconnect with nature. The classes are held all over Southern California so make sure to register for all the up to date information. This group meets every Sunday for a group hike, and meditation. The group also focuses on Primitive Skills and the vital connection we as human beings have with Nature. 

What we Do

Zspiritual was created to help individuals come together and be active in our community. Meditation, anti-anxiety support, and walking meditation groups are one way we come together and actively live the spiritual path. We believe that giving love and time to others furthers our spiritual development, and moves us closer to our true self's.

Find local workshops, seminars, and classes taught by masters of their individual art! Zspiritual finds classes, workshops and seminars directly aimed at mastering the Mind, Body, and Soul! Have you ever wanted to learn Meditation, Holistic Medicine or Reiki? How about taking  movement courses to truly master your own body? We list only the best.

How you can help

Zspiritual was created so that people can share their specialized knowledge and we need your help to create the necessary network. If you are looking to contribute we want to hear from you. Zspiritual is looking for active mentors to lead group classes, but that is not the only way you can help. We call local schools, foster homes, homeless shelters, and boys and girls clubs and set up volunteer dates, and seminars. There is so much work to be done and literally anyone can help if they are willing to give a little time, and effort towards the cause.